CGCC 2019 Federal Election Campaign


For Canada and its metropolitan regions to continue to be the best places to live, own a business, and invest, this election we are calling on campaigning parties to champion our Agenda for Growth.

Read our full policy playbooks series on Trade & Innovation, Infrastructure, Talent, and Energy at 

Founded in 2015, the Canadian Global Cities Council (CGCC) is a coalition of CEOs of eight of Canada’s largest urban Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade coast-to-coast: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Brampton, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax. Representing half of Canada’s GDP and population, the CGCC is a strong voice for national policies that build competitive and sustainable urban economies. Learn more about the CGCC at


Our Policy Playbooks

Read our comprehensive policy playbooks on Energy, Transit, Housing & Ontario's Competitiveness

  • Jan De Silva, our President & CEO, sat down with local political, media & business leaders to discuss how the ballot box question has changed since the beginning of this election. Check out the videos here.
  • Watch to hear candidates from all three parties answer questions on this election’s hot topics.

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Our Municipal Playbooks

2018 Provincial Election

The Toronto region is Ontario’s economic engine. Accounting for more than half of the province’s economy, it is the centre of globally competitive sectors such as financial services and automotive manufacturing. Our labour force of more than 3 million is highly educated and supported by leading educational institutions, internationally renowned for training new workers and driving innovation. 

Despite these advantages, our region faces challenges. High energy prices, uncompetitive labour laws and rising payroll taxes increase the cost of doing business. Young professionals struggle to find affordable housing with easy access to work, and persistent congestion delays the movement of people and goods. 

If Toronto is the Province’s economic engine, its citizens and workforce are its fuel. To realize the full potential of the Toronto region and Ontario, we need a thoughtful strategy for the economy and its residents. During the 2018 Provincial election, we were calling on the campaigning parties to champion our Agenda for Growth

2018 Municipal Election

The City of Toronto is at the heart of Ontario’s economic engine. We’re the centre of globally competitive sectors such as financial services and advanced manufacturing. Our workers are highly educated, our population is diverse and growing, and our quality of life is among the best in the world.

Despite these advantages, Toronto faces urgent competitive challenges. Young people and professionals struggle to find affordable and accessible housing. We aren’t approving and building new homes quickly enough to house newcomers from inside and outside Canada. Our business tax rates are substantially higher than in neighboring cities, key city services are still analog in a digital age, and we need to build transit capacity far more quickly for a growing pool of urban and regional commuters to keep pace with growth. We have a new agency to attract foreign investment, but we must do more to retain the firms we already have and protect space for them to grow.

To realize Toronto’s full potential, we need a thoughtful strategy for city government, our infrastructure, our economy, our region, and the people who live here. This election is an opportunity to take stock of where we stand and where we want to go. We’re calling on candidates for Mayor and City Council to champion an Agenda for Growth.