Susan Prophet Photo

Susan Prophet, Director, Business Development, Quebec City Business Destination

As a 20-year industry veteran in the Meetings & Business Events community, Susan believes that being recognized by your peers is a great honour. She has received industry awards for Supplier of the Year, President’s Award from the Meeting Professionals Toronto Chapter and was inducted into the Canadian Meetings & Incentives Hall of Fame for Industry Volunteer.

Her work on international boards has expanded her reach, providing opportunities to work with conventions bureaus from around the world. Québec City Business Destination assists meeting planners and event organizers alike with meeting rooms, accommodations and venues research, as well as event funding, strategic counselling for event planning and promotional tools.

As a Member of the Board, Susan is taking advantage of her Member Benefits. Next week she will be moderating a Member Workshop at the Board, Turning Your Business Events into ROI Opportunities. Susan is also a mentor with the Board’s Young Professionals Network.

"It’s very rewarding to meet so many eager young professionals who were all ears as to what they could do to improve their communication skills and advance their careers. Education and networking are key to advancing your personal profile and your businesses, so the Board of Trade is a great platform to do that.”

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Avnish Patel Photo

Avnish Patel, Marketing Manager, Northeastern University, Toronto & Vancouver

With more than seven years of experience working in Canada’s education, technology, startup and finance sectors, Avnish joined the Northeastern University team earlier this year to manage their marketing portfolio for the Toronto and Vancouver campus’.

Having previous work at Ryerson University’s DMZ, Avnish is excited apply his expertise toward connecting students and young professionals to the opportunities available in our region’s burgeoning talent ecosystem.

“Being a Member of the Board of Trade enables Northeastern’s capacity to introduce new academic, experiential and mobility enabled opportunities to our students with high-performing individuals and thought leaders,” says Avnish. “Connecting with like-minded individuals in Toronto's scaling industries, and bridging the gap between global and local helps move us toward creating a truly global collaborative ecosystem.”

Northeastern University at Toronto will be hosting a Toronto-first AI event with US-based Gallup in December and opening their first Vancouver campus in October.

Learn more about Northeastern University Toronto

Wendy Braithwaite Photo

Wendy Braithwaite, CFO & Head of Business Development Support

Wendy Braithwaite is a proven finance professional with extensive experience in the payments, financial services and food services sectors. Wendy currently leads Sodexo Canada's finance and business development support teams to profitably grow its multi-million-dollar business, ensure safety and engagement for its 10,000+ employees and deliver the best quality of life services to over 750 clients.

For Wendy, financial acumen is critical for everyone who wants to move forward in their career. Recently, Wendy hosted an Employee Business Resource Group called Sodexo SO Together, a gender quality-focused group. Here, Wendy leveraged her finance background experience to coach non-finance people on how to educate and empower themselves in their professional and personal lives.

“Being a Member of the Board of Trade gives us an invaluable seat at the table and the chance to learn from a diverse network of professionals," says Wendy. “Sodexo is a large company, so when we partner with trailblazers, innovators and the community, we have the opportunity to leverage our global footprint to make meaningful and sustainable impact.“

Learn more about Sodexo

Daryl Ching Photo

Daryl Ching, Managing Partner, Vistance Capital Advisory

If you've heard the name Daryl Ching, you may recognize him as an expert in structured finance for small- to medium-sized enterprises. He's the founder of Vistance Capital Advisory and has made numerous appearances on the Business News Network as well as been quoted in major newspapers and magazines across Canada.

With over ten years of experience in investment banking, primarily at RBC Capital Markets, he has identified fundamental gaps in the ways that small businesses seek capital. Applying his skill set to address these gaps, Daryl has entered companies at an executive level managing operations and accounting tobridge the gap between small businesses and institutions offering capital. He has worked in almost every facet of the financial world, gaining valuable knowledge and insights to the benefit of his clients.

"I am excited to join the Board's ecosystem, as I'm passionate about their vision to promote thought leadership and the sharing of ideas among the small business community," says Daryl. "I look forward to the opportunities to share knowledge with other members, lending my expertise to other SMEs who are currently competing with larger companies, getting them ready to navigate through each stage of their business and stand out from the crowd."

Learn more about Vistance Capitalor email Daryl Ching

Michael Nicin Photo

Michael Nicin, Executive Director, National Institute on Ageing (NIA), Ryerson University

As Executive Director at the NIA, Michael's objective is to improve life for older Canadians while keeping a prudent eye on the greater public good and public systems sustainability. He is most proud of the way the NIA, as a relatively new think tank, has been able to influence public policy with positive advocacy, evidence-based advice to governments, and through meaningful partnerships and broad engagement that allow for information sharing and consensus building.

Previously, Michael was acting Chief of Staff and Senior Policy Advisor to the Ontario Minister of Seniors Affairs. He also served as the Director of Policy and Strategic Planning for CARPand Senior Policy Advisor to the Minister of Children and Youth Services. As an expert in his field, he lends his insights to a number of initiatives, such asforming a successful coalition for retirement advocacypost-Federal budget, or as a speaker at the Board's upcomingYPNMillennial Moneypanel and networking event.

"Across a broad range of issues and sectors, the Board offers members the ability to learn new ideas and engage with change makers," says Michael. "Networking is also an important feature. Meeting other professionals and learning from each other is important, but not always easy. The Board offers both opportunities at a high, yet accessible, level."

Learn more about the NIA.

Patrick Gladney Photo

Patrick Gladney, Chief Strategy Officer, FleishmanHillard HighRoad

With 20 years' experience leading integrated marketing teams, Patrick Gladney puts his expertise to work as Chief Strategy Officer at FleishmanHillard HighRoad (FHR). He's proud of the fact that FleishmanHillard HighRoad has expanded to become one of the largest and most successful integrated agencies in the country, serving some of the biggest and best brand names in Canada.

In recent news, FHR is partnering with WysdomAI to offer a new social media virtual assistant called Open Dialogue. This new innovation is designed to augment and improve the way that community management and customer service is done through social media. Patrick will be leading a Member Workshop at the Board on April 10, 2019,Can AI Make Social Media even more Human?

"Our Membership with the Board affords us the ability share our expertise with the rest of the Board's network," says Patrick. "We wanted a forum to network and connect with like minded companies—by both listening to the business community and also providing thought leadership content to further our business."

Learn more about FleishmanHillard HighRoad.

Matthew Peters Photo

Matthew Peters, National Innovation Officer, McCarthy Tétrault

Seen as a "driver for change," Matthew Peters has been with McCarthy Tétrault for 25 years, in which time he's overseen their successful trajectory navigating changes in the legal landscape. In his role, he is responsible for identifying the ideas, technology and processes that are bringing law firms and the provision of legal services into the future. An award-winner several times over, Matthew is now excited to be launching the firm's fourth new business (MT>iplus) which joins a number of other exciting non-traditional businesses that McCarthy has either launched or acquired.

What motivates Matthew? "Being part of a law firm that values innovation and creativity to develop new solutions and ways to help clients solve their most complicated problems," says Matthew. "Ultimately, helping our clients grow is just one way of advancing the Toronto region."

He is a firm advocate behind the idea that Toronto can be the world's first legal tech supercluster, and one only needs to look at the collaboration that is happening right here in our business community. "The Board connects us to the business community in a way that no other organization or group is able to do."

Learn more about McCarthy Tétrault.

Susan Wortzman Photo

Susan Wortzman, Partner, McCarthy Tétrault & Founder, MT>3

Susan Wortzman leads McCarthy Tétrault's e-Discovery and information management practice, putting her 30 years of legal experience towards driving a successful team. With an eye to creativity, innovation and litigation, she founded Wortzmans—the first law firm in Canada to focus exclusively on electronic discovery, or e-Discovery, based on the emerging trend she witnessed in the early 2000s: the impact of technology manifesting as electronic evidence in the legal arena.

Today, Wortzmans is known as MT>3, a division of McCarthy Tétrault providing legal and strategic advice involving e-discovery and information governance to law firms, corporations and government agencies. As a subject matter expert in all things e-Discovery, Susan is a frequent speaker and lecturer in the business community. Case in point, she will be co-hosting a Member Workshop at the Board,Prospering in the Age of Disruptionon March 26, 2019.

"The Board of Trade offers opportunities for me to hear about topics outside of my day-to-day work, and to give back to the vast network in the business landscape however I—and McCarthy—can. The networking aspect is also important to me."

Learn more about MT>3.

Judith McKay photo

Judith McKay, Chief Client & Innovation Officer, McCarthy Tétrault

Judith McKay leads McCarthy Tétrault's client relations and marketing strategy, and oversees business development, service delivery and innovation capabilities. A past recipient of WXN's Canada's 100 Most Powerful Women Award, Judith is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars focused on business management in the legal industry.

She is particularly proud of staying client-focused in a time where the industry is undergoing much change. For example, McCarthy Tétrault re-thought and re-imagined some of its service offerings and launched MT>Division. MT>Division represents a group of new businesses that have been either acquired or developed by McCarthy Tétrault. In collaboration with business and technology consultants to provide integrated solutions for clients, MT>Division achieves the best of two worlds: the entrepreneurial spirit, agile operations and light footprint of a start-up; and the focus on quality and caliber of one of Canada's largest, globally-active and most storeyed law firms. Innovating and staying in tune with the market in this way helps answer the needs of clients in the rapidly changing and interconnected business sphere—which is reflected in McCarthy's membership with the Board.

"McCarthy Tétrault derives significant value from its collaboration with the Board of Trade—through the Board's outstanding programs and committees and the opportunity to network with colleagues in the business community. The Board is an amazingly well-run organization that is always willing to work together to provide excellent and engaging content for the business community."

Learn more about McCarthy Tétrault.

Richard Zhou Photo

Richard Zhou, CEO & Founder, Witmart

Witmart made headlines three years ago as "the Alibaba of Intellectual Property," then quickly zeroed in on Toronto to expand from China – opening its first North American office at MaRS. In his role at Witmart, Richard Zhou has overseen the rapid expansion of his team in providing entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs with affordable and efficient trademark registration services to protect their assets.

Zhou's dedication to helping businesses at all stages of development connect and grow translates to the fundamental success of Witmart, as they focus on protecting businesses' brands, products and services both locally and abroad.More recently, he's spearheaded the growth of Witmart's capabilities to provide patent, copyright and business incorporation services to the general public both here at home in Toronto and abroad.

"We are honoured to be a member of the Toronto Regional Board of Trade because of the mutually beneficial relationships such a partnership has to offer. Given that the Board includes businesses of all sizes, we believe we can be a very active player within those groups to deliver quality services and do our part to give back to the local community that has given us so much."

Learn more about Witmart.

Aliza Lakhani Photo

Aliza Lakhani, CEO & Regional Dean, Northeastern University Toronto

With a diverse range of business and leadership experience, Aliza Lakhani was recently appointed Dean of Northeastern University Toronto, the first international campus in Northeastern University's growing network of regional gradute campuses. A Toronto native, Lakhani comes to Northeastern from the DMZ, a leading business incubator for Canadian tech startups based at Ryerson University. She served as the director of business development and international, in which role she built a business development team and led efforts to expand the organization internationally.

Headquartered in Boston and ranked as a top global research non-profit university, Northeastern University is a leader in experiential education and lifelong learning. Northeastern's Toronto campus focuses on fields of study corresponding to areas of significant employer demand in the GTA, including cybersecurity, regulatory affairs for pharmaceuticals, project management, and data analytics. Northeastern University Toronto is also partnering with the Toronto corporate and technology ecosystems to attract, retain, and invest in Canadian talent.

"We're passionate about helping our lifelong learners reach their personal and professional goals. We love to see our students soar and meet their career goals--whether its growing in their current field or entering a new field," says Lakhani. "I'm very excited about creating new ways to be entrepreneurial in leading this campus within the university's global network—ultimately elevating learners and employers in the Toronto region."

Learn more aboutNortheastern University Toronto

Alex Dagg Photo

Alex Dagg, Director of Public Policy, Airbnb

A big part of Alex Dagg's job at Airbnb is working with cities to create fair and easy-to-follow rules for home sharing. For example, on Dec 3, 2018, Airbnb and Tourism Vancouver announced a first-of-its-kind in Canada partnership agreement. The agreement will see Airbnb leverage its global reach through digital channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as well as its magazine Airbnbmag, to boost Vancouver's reputation as a premier destination.

"One of our main motivators is supporting our host community—regular, every day people who are using Airbnb as a way to help make their lives more affordable in a city that is increasingly expensive," says Dagg. Airbnb will be working with Tourism Vancouver to expand the variety and quality of licensed accommodation offerings in the city, providing visitors with diverse options to suit every budget and style.

"Likewise, we are members of the Toronto community, not just through our employees who work here, but through our more than 10,000 hosts who are sharing their homes all across the city. Working with the Board provides an invaluable resource into the heart of Toronto's business community and further strengthens Airbnb's commitment to help drive growth and competitiveness of the Toronto region."

Learn more about theAirbnb and Tourism Vancouver partnership.

Jesse Bruyn Photo

Jesse Bruyn, Vice President, Small & Growth Business, Salesforce Canada

In his role at Salesforce, Jesse Bruyn is most proud of providing businesses—especially small and growth businesses—with the technology that allows them to look, act and feel like larger, established businesses.

Following Dreamforce 2018, the largest software conference in the world, and Salesforce's most successful one yet, Bruyn is excited about the expansion of their suite of solutions. For exampleEinstein Voice, enabling customers to speak to Salesforce's AI engine, Einstein, which then determines how to best utilize that information and update relevant stakeholders and records.

"We're watching consumers become more and more connected, and with that, their expectations of businesses continue to grow. We're able to equip these businesses with the tools they need to stay competitive" says Bruyn, also a past committee member of the Board's Young Professionals Network.

"Which is why I'm glad to have the opportunity to connect with the Board's vast network of ambitious, like-minded professionals that share their diverse opportunities and challenges working in Toronto," Bruyn says of Salesforce's membership with the Board. "Networking across a variety of industries and professional roles provides a broad perspective of the state of business in the city."

Learn more aboutSalesforce Canada.

Yasaman Moghaddam Photo

Yasaman Moghaddam, National Vice President, Group Home & Auto, RBC Insurance

Yasaman Moghaddam is responsible for managing RBC Insurance's (RBCI) Group Home and Auto business. As a strategic leader with over 15 years of experience in the insurance industry, Yasaman leads a national team of Business Development Specialists who are responsible for building trusted relationships with business owners and executives. Part of her role also includes working with Leadership teams across the organization to help grow the Group Home and Auto business.

Yasaman is recognized at RBCI for her ability to motivate and lead teams to achieve outstanding results.

"At RBC Insurance, we have one of the most comprehensive product suites in the industry geared towards small, medium and large businesses," says Moghaddam. "We're proud of the service and advice we provide our clients and are eager to share our expertise to Board of Trade members and provide recommendations that suit their specific needs."

Learn more aboutRBCI.

Stephen Beatty Photo

Stephen Beatty, Chairman (Non-Executive), Global Infrastructure & Head, Cities Center of Excellence, KPMG International

Serving as the Non-Executive Chair for the Global Infrastructure practice and Chair of KPMG's Cities Global Centre of Excellence, Stephen Beatty has more than 30 years of experience in the infrastructure sector and has been involved in numerous negotiations on complex infrastructure projects across six continents. He has led many large infrastructure transactions and has advised public and private sector clients extensively in privatization strategy, transportation planning, public-private partnership (PPP) policy development and project financing.

A Toronto-based Canadian, Stephen is proud to use his extensive global experience to help build a better city for current and future generations. He is also the Executive in Residence at Cornell University as part of their Program in Infrastructure Policy, where he speaks to students from different business, public policy, engineering, and planning backgrounds about infrastructure—shaping our future leaders ready to position Toronto on the world stage.

"The Toronto Region Board of Trade is one of the leading voices for business in the GTA and consistently positions our region as a global centre of influence," says Beatty. "At KPMG, we, too, are committed to putting Toronto on the map as a world-class destination for ideas, people and business. With deep industry knowledge and an international reach, KPMG leverages global experience to catalyze the growth and competitiveness of our region, both now and well into the future."

Learn more aboutKPMG.

Christopher Moulding Photo

Christopher Moulding, Regional Community Marketing Manager, Zipcar

Responsible for Zipcar's brand awareness in major markets like Boston, New York, Chicago and throughout Canada, what grounds Christopher Moulding in his work is the ability to be part of a company that's focused on making cities better places to live.

He estimates that in Toronto alone, Zipcar has eliminated the need for more than 16,000 personal vehicles on the roads. In addition to their core round-trip car-sharing offering, Zipcar's recently began testing a new commuter option in several cities—including Toronto. This new option is designed for reverse commuters who own a car today and work in places underserved by transit options, providing the peace of mind in having a dedicated parking spot for pick-up and drop-off.

"Zipcar's mission is to enable simple and responsible urban living here in Toronto and across the globe," says Chris. "We partner with various neighborhood groups, local non-profits—and of course the business community—to increase mobility while decreasing traffic, congestion and parking demand. The Board of Trade allows us to make important connections with other Toronto businesses that share a passion for making the city a great place to live, work and visit."

Learn more aboutZipcar.

Patrick Stiles Photo

Patrick Stiles, Regional Vice President-GTA, Pomerleau

Continuing a successful 20-year career constructing high-profile institutional, commercial, residential and major infrastructure projects in Atlantic Canada, Patrick Stiles joined Pomerleau's Toronto office in early 2018. As Vice President of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Patrick Stiles oversees operations, business development and execution of all regional building projects.

With more than 50 years of experience, and currently more than 125 active worksites coast to coast, Pomerleau has established itself as a national leader in civil, infrastructure, and building works. Proudly doing business in the GTA since 2009, recent projects include: the Leslie Barns – Streetcar Maintenance & Storage Facility; the Sheridan College Hazel McCallion Phase 2A; and the Holy Blossom Temple renewal.

"Aligned with the Board of Trade's vision to make Toronto one of the most competitive and sought-after business regions in the world, I believe Pomerleau is continually pushing boundaries to better serve our communities," says Stiles. "I look forward to continuing to increase Pomerleau's contribution to Toronto's development."

Learn more aboutPomerleau.

Kim O'Keefe Photo

Kim O'Keefe, Director—SMB Sales, Rogers Digital Media

In her role with Rogers, Kim O'Keefe works closely with enterprise teams who enable businesses with cloud solutions, intelligent connectivity and advanced communications, bringing a full suite of digital media products to help businesses succeed in their marketing efforts.

Kim is a notable figure in her work, helping educate business owners across the country about digital marketing, both through speaking events and personally. Through these interactions Kim learns more about the unique challenges that face business owners—which ultimately informs Kim's ability to shape products and strategies that will help all small and medium businesses achieve their goals. Recently, Kim helped lead an expert session at the Board's annual Small Business Summit.

"The learning and networking opportunities provided by the Board are excellent," says Kim. "The events and advocacy initiatives are of the highest calibre and set the standard for boards and associations across the country."

Learn more aboutRogers Small Business Enterprise

James Temple Photo

James Temple, Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer, PwC

Back from providing testimony in front of the Senate of Canada's Special Committee on the Charitable sector last week, PwC's Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer James Temple understands the important role that business leaders can play in building trust in society and solving important problems.

Case in point: PwC's Young People Project—an initiative designed to help address youth unemployment and impact the lives of at least 10,000 disadvantaged young people by 2020. The firm launched anew measurement frameworkto help track their project's impact which can be adapted for any organization to help boards and management teams better understand their systems change initiatives.

Helping businesses and making a positive impact is why James is a Member of the Board. As an Influencer Member, PwC contributes greatly to the Board's policy and advocacy efforts. "Having a seat at any leadership table is a privilege," says James."People trust that you will help amplify their voices on important issues that matter to them, your organization and the community."

You can read James' blog about his Senate experiencehereor download PwC Youth Employment Indexhere.
Brett House Photo

Brett House, Vice-President & Deputy Chief Economist, Scotiabank

Recently named a "Leader to be Proud of" with the 2018 Professional Leader Award from by Start Proud, Brett House is a recognized voice, not only in the field of economics, but as a role model for LGBTQ+ students and young professionals.

At Scotiabank Economics in Toronto, he's helped to build a research team focused on cutting-edge work on a global scale. His team contributes to major public policy discussions that are shaping the future of Canada, such as the Toronto Region Board of Trade's expert panel,"Is A Global Trade War Inevitable?"focused on ongoing efforts to modernize NAFTA and to diversify the country's trading relationships.

"The Board of Trade helps to interpret how global and national developments are likely to affect the Toronto region," says Brett. "It also provides a channel through which Toronto can mobilize its diverse community to help shape these forces."

Learn more aboutScotiabank Economics.

Lorenz Hassenstein Photo

Lorenz Hassenstein, General Manager, MTCC

With more than 25 years of hospitality industry service, Lorenz Hassenstein has made significant contributions to several key industry organizations. Whether launching the Las Vegas tradeshow or leading the turnaround of the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Hassenstein has managed events in just about every centre in North America—it's inevitable his career brought him to Toronto.

At the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC), his team is celebrating its most successful year yet, with overall customer satisfaction rising to 98% along the way. This effort gave Toronto's economy a boost by generating a record-breaking $594 million in direct economic impact to the GTA.

"Being a member of the Board is another way for the MTCC to contribute to the GTA's competitiveness through the events industry," says Hassenstein. "By staying connected to the business community we're able to share best practices and build partnerships to make Toronto a more attractive venue on the world stage."

Learn more aboutMTCC.

Chris Kelly Photo

Chris Kelly, President, Sandler Training of Toronto

When it comes down to it, Chris Kelly is, quite unapologetically, a salesperson. In his role at Sandler Training of Toronto, Kelly helps businesses achieve superior levels of performance in sales management and business development. Knowing the stigma around sales, he enjoys changing perceptions around the idea of selling, helping transform clients reluctant to sell into passionate professionals.

With a focus on helping local business leaders, his team is in the midst of expanding—moving into bigger space that will help support the growth of their firm in Toronto.

"I'm a Torontonian. I work, raise a family and socialize in the city of Toronto," says Kelly. "This great market has offered our firm the opportunity to grow our business over the past eight years. The Board is an important hub for the city where I can continue to learn and share."

Learn more aboutSandler Training in Toronto.

Craig Thornton Photo

Craig Thornton, Vice-President, National Business Solutions, TELUS

Known for his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for growth, Craig Thornton is responsible for the Business Wireless, Cloud and Managed IT portfolios. Recently, TELUSranked first in overall network quality in Ontario for the fourth consecutive yearin the2018 Canada Wireless Network Quality Study andwas named the fastest network in Toronto by PC Mag, so he and his colleagues have a lot to be proud of.

But for Thornton, the essence of these achievements comes down to not only the quality of the TELUS network, but more importantly its ability to reliably connect customers andprovideToronto citizens and businesses with world-class network coverage and speed—from the city's transportation vehicles through to schools and digital healthcare facilities.

"Being a member of the Board is a unique opportunity for me to help other businesses navigate the wireless and cloud ecosystems and gain a deeper understanding of their business challenges and opportunities" says Thornton. "Ultimately, our goal is to leverage the latest technology and the strength of the TELUS team to drive better business outcomes for our customers, our partners and communities."

Learn more aboutTELUS.

Iva Peric-Lightfoot Photo

Iva Peric-Lightfoot, Country Manager, ESET

Iva Peric-Lightfoot was recently recognized as one of CRN's 2018 Women of the Channel for her outstanding leadership, vision and unique role in driving channel growth and innovation. With more than 20 years in the information security industry, Iva Peric-Lightfoot is a leader in developing and implementing national and international channel strategies.

A testament to her leadership, Peric-Lightfoot is most proud of her team at ESET. While building the business from the ground up, she was able to successfully find passionate and committed professionals by enlisting her network, a rare opportunity she appreciates.

"In every aspect of life, community is important. It is important from the perspective of having a support system to call upon but also to be able to give back, share vision, ideas, strategy and challenges," says Peric-Lightfoot.

"The Board is the best of the best in the Canadian business world and it is important that we contribute to this community as well as leverage it for our own success."

Learn more aboutESET.

Dr. Frederic Dimanche Photo

Dr. Frederic Dimanche, Director, Ted Rogers School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, Ryerson University's Ted Rogers School of Management

Dr. Dimanche was inducted as a Fellow for the Ontario Hostelry Institute in 2017, and was one of the first 12 to be nominated by the Ontario Government to be a member of the Université de L'Ontario Français Board of Governors.

In his role with Ryerson University, he's overseen progress in the growth of his department. Specifically, Dr. Dimanche is proud of providing students with unique experiential learning, including the integration of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and applied global experiences.

"Through our Executive Education programs in partnership with the Board, we engage more broadly with the business community," he says. "TRSM is aligned to the Board's vision, in helping to broaden and enrich leadership capabilities and develop innovative approaches to real-time business challenges."

Learn more aboutTRSM.

Diane Kazarian Photo

Diane Kazarian, Managing Partner, GTA Region, PwC Canada

Diane Kazarian was appointed PwC Canada's Managing Partner for the GTA region earlier this year. She isthe first womanto hold this position for PwC Canada in addition to her role as National Financial Services Leader for the firm, and is a notable advocate for diversity and inclusion.

A recipient of theWomen's Executive Network's (WXN) Canada's Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Awards, Diane is also very active speaking at conferences and to media on topics of innovation, notably FinTech, Blockchain, and emerging technologies impacting the financial services sector.

"PwC Canada is a proud member of theBoard. As GTA Managing Partner, I believe it's important that businesses across the GTA have a place to connect and discuss the important issues that affect our region. The Board provides this platform."

Learn more aboutPwC Canada.

Nicola Jackson Photo

Nicola Jackson, Senior Manager, Partnerships, Wavefront

Nicola Jackson is responsible for creating,managing and growingWavefront'sstrategic partnerships ecosystem.As an innovation intermediary with teams based in Vancouver and Toronto, Wavefront helps large enterprises digitally transform their business by connecting them to innovative Canadian start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Wavefrontcollaborates with Canadian SMEs to jointly deliver mobile and IoT solutions into large enterprises.Jackson has effectively led the expansion of the partner network within the last year by onboarding new Canadian solutions providers.

"Our membership with the Board provides valuable opportunities to make connections with the community," says Jackson. "The Board's network enables us to build meaningful relationships with like-minded organizations and business leaders across the city who are committed to the expansion and growth of the Canadian Innovation Ecosystem."

Learn more aboutWavefront.

Ryan Falconer Photo

Ryan Falconer, Cities Leader Western Australia, Arup Pty Ltd

Prior to his recent transfer to Australia, Ryan Falconer led the integrated planning business in Canada from Arup's Toronto office. With a background in sustainability and technology policy, his work focuses on transport strategy for government and private clients.

In addition to more than 30 other book chapters, papers and articles, Falconer oversaw Arup's recent report coauthored with MaRS Discovery District, Mobility-as-a-Service: The Value Proposition for the Public & Our Urban Systems. He's proud of the opportunity to collaborate with non-partisan organizations like MaRS and the Board.

"Between 2015 and 2017, I led integrated planning for Arup Canada and enjoyed working closely with the Board over this time, including sitting on the Infrastructure Committee and representing the Board on GTAA's consultative committee," says Falconer. "I admire the Board's ongoing commitment to sustainable growth of the region and focus on mobility management."

Read thereport hereand learn more aboutArup.

Alexander Neef Photo

Alexander Neef, General Director, Canadian Opera Company

In February 2018, Alexander Neef was named Artistic Director of Santa Fe Opera, a role he will hold in addition to his current role at the Canadian Opera Company (COC). He's proud of their work in creating a very strong Canadian identity for the COC—as a major destination for the greatest operatic artists of our time, as the biggest opera producer in the country and as a leader internationally.

"I believe that the Board and I share a similar goal: to amplify the city's presence and competitive edge on a global level," says Neef. "Being a part of the Board enables the Canadian Opera Company to stay connected with how other businesses are making that happen as well as share our own successes with like-minded leadership."

Learn more about theCanadian Opera Company.

Imtiaz Kermali Photo

Imtiaz Kermali, Vice President, Sales & Business Development, eShipper Inc.

Imtiaz Kermali oversees business development at eShipper, a fully-automated cloud-based integrated shipping solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). He's proud that the essence of their success is through supporting other businesses—having started as a family-run business, they know a thing or two about taking a small business global. Through global partnerships and a unique competitive model, eShipper has helped thousands of SMEs compete with multinational businesses across the world.

"Membership with the Board strengthens eShipper's ability to support other businesses, locally and globally," says Kermali. "Through the many opportunities provided by the Board for building connections, we're able to help enhance the sales strategy and fulfillment of SMEs—enabling them to become more profitable and efficient in their business."

Learn more about eShipper.
oward Eng Photo

Howard Eng, President & CEO, Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA)

Since 2012, Howard has held the role of President & CEO of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA), which is the operator of Toronto Pearson International Airport, the largest airport in Canada and the second-largest airport in terms of international passenger traffic in North America.

Under Howard's leadership, Toronto Pearson is pursuing its vision of becoming the best airport in the world. A priority focus on this journey is continuing to grow the airport's already strong contribution to Canada's economy through increased connectivity, both to international markets by air and around the airport employment zone on the ground.

"Toronto Pearson is Canada's doorstep to the world and a significant driver of the country's economy," says Howard. "We are now taking a leading role, in partnership with government and industry partners, in ensuring that travelers are as well connected on the ground as they are in the air through our vision of a Regional Transit Centre."

Learn more about GTAA.
Jacques Lirette Photo

Jacques Lirette, Director of Business Development, INTEGRIM

Jacques Lirette joined INTEGRIM as Director of Business Development at the start 2017, marking the celebration of their 25 years of business. A seasoned IT professional, he's overseen taking the company's suite of automation solutions and services related to processing paper or electronic documents to the next level. Seemingly at odds with this world of automation, Lirette is motivated by the very human aspect of helping clients tackle their current IT challenges.

"I am most proud of the lasting relationships I have developed with my clients," says Lirette. "This is facilitated by my membership with the Board of Trade, where I'm able to participate in the exciting learning opportunities and meet with business leaders to assist the growth of our region."

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Carlyle Coutinho Photo

Carlyle Coutinho, President & COO, Enwave Energy Corporation

Speaking at the Board's Power Breakfast Series expert panel in February 2018, Coutinho inevitably touched on technology and infrastructure in the energy sector.

This theme reflects on Enwave's latest collaboration with Allied Properties and RioCan to extend Enwave's thermal energy system, providing long-term benefits for theCity of Torontoand supporting its focus on resiliency and carbon emission reduction.

"The development is a reflection of our joint commitment to build resilient, urban communities incorporating intelligent energy solutions," says Coutinho. "The Board plays a vital role in shaping policy for the energy sector and educating the business community, as well as providing a great platform for networking and information sharing." Learn more about Enwave.
Irene Sterian Photo

Irene Sterian, President & CEO, ReMAP

Irene Sterian, a seasoned technology strategist, leads the Refined Manufacturing Acceleration Process (ReMAP), an integrated shared ecosystem for the acceleration of the commercialization of electronics products manufactured in Canada for a global market.

She's proud of the network ReMAP has fostered across Canada through their Product Enablement Value Chain blueprint, bridging the commercialization gap between applied research and industry. They've recently launched ReMAP 2.0, with a call for proposals toward developing innovation projects.

"Connecting with Toronto's influencers through our Board membership supports our advancement of Toronto as a smart city and, collectively, as a global leader in innovation and human capital."

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Franco Amalfi Photo

Franco Amalfi, Director of Innovation– Public Sector, Oracle Canada

As Director of Innovation for the Public Sector North America division of one of the world's largest technology companies, Franco Amalfi has to consider how government organizations can bring their services into the 21st century. He attributes Oracle Public Sector's growth in Canada to the increased adoption of cloud technologies, and Oracle is investing in Canadian data centres to support this growth.

Amalfi believes his Board membership facilitates his ability to stay connected and impact policy.

"Participating in the Board's Smart Cities Working Group has been very beneficial. It has afforded us the opportunity to interact and help impact Toronto's Smart City plans. Being a member of the Board is a natural way for me to collaborate with city employees and other stakeholders to assist in making an impact in Canada."

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Karen Flavelle Photo

Karen Flavelle, CEO & Chief Connoisseur, Purdys Chocolatier

Most of us know Purdys Chocolatier for its spectacular chocolates and consistent rankings by Aon Hewitt as one of Canada's 50 Best Employers. Less well known are Purdys' sustainability efforts such as the Clean Water Project to provide safe, clean drinking water in rural, cocoa-growing communities. Launched in 2017, the campaign garnered huge support from the community, customers and their shops. In one month, the campaign exceeded its fundraising goal by 80%! As a result, Karen Flavelle, CEO of Purdys Chocolatier, travelled to Ivory Coast to deliver 63 LifeStraw Community water filters – meaning safe drinking water for more than 3,780 children for the next three years.

"Purdys uses only 100% sustainable cocoa to benefit our farmer partners, their communities and the environment," says Flavelle. "Through on-the-ground programs, we are able to help improve farming and cocoa yield, deliver better medical care and make clean water possible in rural communities."

Purdys believes their Board of Trade membership is vital to their involvement in trade and policy matters. "As we continue to grow our business in Ontario, our Board membership helps us build our business network in the region and enables us to tap into experienced resources." Learn more about
Mark Dwyer Photo

Mark Dwyer, Senior Director, Interbrand Canada

As Canadian Senior Director of the world's leading brand consultancy, Dwyer works with a range of organizations across sectors and geographies to unlock the power of their brands. He's particularly proud of the teams he leads, as they develop singular ideas that align diverse groups within an organization.

"My Board membership gives me one more way to apply the tools I've developed throughout my career, outside of my day-to-day. My work with the Board's Smart Cities Working Group is particularly inspiring, as I'm contributing towards an exciting project that will benefit our entire community. I can't think of a better use of my skillset, and I'm so proud to be working alongside this group of remarkable Toronto business leaders."

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Anita Dong Photo

Anita Dong, President & CEO, Accelera Marketing Inc.

Anita Dong, President & CEO, credits the success of Accelera Marketing to their focus on growth: growth for their clients and ultimately, growth for themselves. The award-winning agency believes that strategy and creativity must work in tandem, very much like the relationship Accelera builds with every client.

Accelera fully celebrates the successes of their clients as their own; whether it's driving awareness for an unconventional product of Diva International or launching a fully integrated redesign campaign for Lake of Bays Brewing Co. It is telling that many of their clients are iconic and long-standing, a reflection of the work they put into understanding the brands and markets within the larger business community.

"Being a member of the Board helps us stay abreast of trends within our industry and our clients' industries," says Dong. "Our membership also represents being part of a larger community of like-minded individuals and companies who share knowledge and ideas to propel them forward."

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Dayna Whitney Photo

Dayna Whitney, Associate Vice President Retail, Meridian

As Associate Vice President Retail at Meridian, Dayna Whitney is particularly proud of the strides the company is making in helping youth become more financially-savvy and in helping entrepreneurs start their businesses. Case in point: Meridian's Save the Camp app, aimed at children in grades 7 to 12, is now one of the top four educational games on Apple's Canadian app store. Similarly, in kicking off their Ontario-wide Owners Wanted program in partnership with Futurepreneur, aspiring young entrepreneurs aged 18 to 39 are provided with mentorship and networking support.

More recently, Meridian was a proud partner of the Board's 7th Annual Business Excellence Awards, sponsoring and presenting the Entrepreneur of the Year award.

"We're proud that local decision-making is a key part of how we serve our stakeholders," says Whitney. "Meridian knows firsthand the important role businesses play in building strong, vibrant and inclusive communities, and our membership with the Toronto Region Board of Trade supports that."

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Michael King Photo

Michael King, National Director: HR Solutions and Data Analytics, Drake International

As National Director, Michael King spearheads Drake International's Human Resource and Data Analytics solutions, delivering customized analytics solutions globally. Currently, King is overseeing the relaunch of the Drake P3 Personality Assessment which is already being well-received across Canada and the U.S. In business for 65 years, Drake International has developed a range of solutions driving profitability, performance and productivity. In expanding, Drake has managed to retain an entrepreneurial spirit enabling delivery of sustainable solutions to small, medium and large organizations worldwide. "As a long-standing member of the Board of Trade, we value our membership and the pivotal role the Board plays in driving policy debate, supporting the development of growth sectors and connecting relevant stakeholders across the GTA," says King. "The Board provides a single focal point for commerce, both for new market entrants and established companies within our dynamic city. We look forward to collaborating with the Board in supporting the development and competitiveness of all companies in the GTA." Learn more about Drake International.
Mark Adkins Photo

Mark Adkins, Managing Partner of the New York Office, McCarthy Tétrault LLP

As Managing Partner of the newly opened office in NYC, Mark leads the McCarthy Tétrault's efforts in connecting clients in the US to opportunities in Canada. Being on the ground in New York enables Mark to speak to clients face-to-face, delivering on the integrated, national service platform McCarthy Tétrault offers, as well as expertise in the industries that matter most to the economy, like retail, mining, energy, technology and financial services.

Mark considers the Board an excellent platform to connect with the diversity of the city's business people and their companies: "The Toronto region is home to so many of our clients, and has plenty to offer our global and US clients. I believe the Board helps the city maintain and build on its competitive edge as a place for investment, growth and opportunity." Learn more about McCarthy Tétrault.
Jack Mahoney Photo

Jack Mahoney, President, Maersk Line Canada

As president of the Canadian branch of the world's largest container shipping company, Jack Mahoney has to think globally. He attributes Maersk Line's growth in Canada to the many working parts of Canadian trade—from his team and Maersk Line's network, to how prominently foreign trade figures with Maersk Line's Canadian clients, to Canadian policy. Confident in CETA's boost to Canadian-EU trade while supporting the overall trade growth in the country, Maersk Line will introduce a new direct service between Montreal and dozens of Europe's Mediterranean ports.

Mahoney believes his Board of Trade membership facilitates his ability to stay connected and impact policy. "More than half of Canada's GDP growth is attributed to trade, and I feel fortunate to work for a company whose mission is to enable trade, improving global prosperity in that process. Being a member of the Board is a natural way for me to continue that outside the office."

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